I suck at writing
Love poems
In the conventional sense
Of the term.
But know that
I never believed
That a person
Could feel like home
Until I met you.
And I used to sneer
At those couples
That thought
They’d last forever.
Until I met you.
And I used to think
That a broken heart
Could never be
As painful
As the movies
Made it seem.
Until I met you.

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It’s like, I wanna wear beautiful dresses, but I also wanna wear sweats and huge t-shirts. But then I also wanna wear 50s clothing, and also fancy royal 1700s dresses. But then I just wanna wear jeans and a sweater with a messy bun, and maybe tights and pretty shirt, but then there’s flannel shirts. And then there’s the Hogwarts uniform, but there’s also a camp half blood t-shirt, and aLSO LEATHER JACKETS, YOU FEEL ME?